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What is WALKHS2?

 WalkHS2 was the idea of Lizzy Williams, a resident of South Northamptonshire which is an area of beautiful Britain directly threatened by HS2. Lizzy vehemently opposes the HS2 proposal and its impact on our countryside and British identity plus the appalling and unnecessary waste of money she believes HS2 is.

WalkHS2 2010 was a designated weekend where those individuals and groups who oppose HS2  showed this by walking any part of the approximate route of HS2. WALKHS2 received support all the way along the line. Some walks are occurring at other times and we will try and publish any we know about on this website as well.

WalkHS2 also comprised Lizzy walking the entire Route 3 and she started on Wednesday 01 September at 11.00 at Tomhay Wood in Staffordshire and finally arriving at the Conservative Party Conference in Birmingham on 03 October 2010.


Lizzy Williams created the South Northamptonshire Action Group (SNAG) against HS2 see www.snaghs2.co.uk, and is a founding member of the STOPHS2 campaign see www.stophs2.org and National Action Group Chairs Group.

Lizzy is also a member of the Anaphylaxis Campaign, Allergy UK, British Horse society and Intelligent Horsemanship Association.

Lizzy's background is a former member of the Royal Artillery and was a Land and Project Manager in condstruction. Lizzy is 36 and has one son. Lizzy is unable to work any more following a traumatic brain injury and nerve damage but was determined (despite physical and mental exhaustion) to walk as much of the route as she could over the month of September 2010. Lizzy met many of those affected along the way and recorded video interviews and diary along the way. Lizzy hopes to write a book about her travels to raise further awareness of the existing and potential impact of the proposed HS2.

What is the HS2 high-speed rail link?

  • All new, non-stop, high-speed rail link between London and Birmingham

  • 30 trains per hour travelling at up to 250 mph, running from 6am to midnight

  • Trains will have capacity for 1,100 seats

  • A forecast of 146,000 passengers per day compared to the West Coast Mainline carrying 45,000 now

  • £9 million of taxpayers money was spent to date up to the 11 March. Via a Freddom of Information request the Department for Transport has confirmed £1.2 million is being spent a month at present . Pure construction costs of £33bn are anticipated.

  • HS2 will be built if we do not STOP it!

For full details of the proposal please visit http://www.dft.gov.uk/pgr/rail/pi/highspeedrail/hs2ltd/

HS2 Limited is a limited company owned by the Government. see http://www.hs2.org.uk/

 "High Speed Two Limited (HS2 Ltd) is the company set up by the Government to consider the case for new high speed rail services between London and Scotland"

High Speed 1 was the first high speed rail link in this country and was completed 06 November 2007 see http://www.highspeed1.com/

HS1 was heralded as a "National Sucess Story" by Secretary of State Phillip Hammond, just as he announced it was being sold for £1.5bn, a quarter of what it cost. HS1 has cut train services due to lack of use.