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If you want to meet up with Lizzy on the walk, ring her on 07842 164880 to check where she is!




03 October 2010

LIZZY ARRIVED IN BIRMINGHAM walking the Birmingham Spur via Curzon Street then on to the ICC where the Conservative Party Conference was being held.


Wednesday 29th September

 Greater London

Today, Lizzy will complete her walk of the HS2 mainline, starting at 11am at St Pauls School in Primrose Hill at about 11am and ending at Euston Station at 12.30.




Monday 26th September

Greater London

Lizzy walked set off from Uxbridge and got to Primrose Hill. This was a bit of a mistake, as she got well ahead of schedule. We'd sent out press releases saying she'd finish on Wednesday, so therefore she got Tuesday off! Very few people who she met knew anything about HS2 at all.




Sunday 26th September

Buckinghamshire & Greater London

Today, Lizzy will set off from Chalfont St Giles and hopes to finish the day in Uxbridge, in her final county - Greater London.



Saturday 25th September


Lizzy will todat start at 12 at School Lane in Amersham and hopes to get to Chalfront St Giles, where she will stay with supporters for the night


Friday 23rd September


Lizzy walked from Wendover Dean to Amersham



Thursday 22nd September


Lizzy walked from Wendover to Wendover Dean


Wednesday 22nd September

Lizzy will start the day with a meeting with Andrea Leadsom MP to discuss a parliamentary lobby day on 25th October. She will then be at an open meeting of SNAG, and after that will meet will Secretary of State for Transport Philip Hammond MP in Brackley. She will then be on the platform for a public meeting at Brackley Town Hall at 5pm. Consequently, she won't be walking today! She will resume in Wendover on Thursday.

We have been informed that some people are planning a demonstration at Brackley Town Hall for 3-5pm, to coincide with the visit of Mr Hammond, but that's nothing to do with us!


Tuesday 21st September


Lizzy Started the day at Stoke Manderville Hospital and went on to Wendwover, where she will resume on Thursday 23rd September

Lizzy will not be walking on Sunday 19th, Monday 20th & Wednesday 22nd September. More details on the reasons for this will follow. She will resume walking at Stoke Manderville on 21st September, before continuing the 'full slog' on Thursday 23rd September.



Saturday 18th September


Lizzy will started the day at the Aylesbury Golf Club, by Fairford Leys, walking on to Stoke manderville hopsital, where she will resume on Tuesday.


Friday 17th September


Lizzy will started the day at the railway centre at Quainton at 11am, but then got in the car to go back, and cover the bit she missed the day before due to getting a little bit lost! She walked on to Wodestone and on to Aylesbury, where she finished the day at the golf course, near Fairford Leys.




Thursday 16th September


Lizzy started the day at Calvert at 11am, walking on past Greatmoor. She was meant to arrive at Quainton for around 2-3pm, but got a little bit lost!


 Wednesday 15th September

Lizzy will not walk this day as she has other HS2 related engagements.



Tuesday 14th September


Lizzy started walking at Sunflower Cottage -which will be demolished by HS2 - in Chetwode at 11am, walking on to Twyford, where local school children came out to give her a wave, and on to Calvert where she got to around 2pm.


Monday 13th September -

Rest Day



Sunday 12th September

Northamptonshire, Buckinghamshire & Oxfordshire

Lizzy started the day by the ATS Garage in Brackley, before meeting members of the public at Turweston at 12 for a walk accross the county border (actually straddling three counties at once for one point!) She arrived at Chetwode Manor for a reception at 6pm. Lizzy is planning a rest day for Monday.


Saturday 11th SEPTEMBER 2010

Buckinghamshire & Northamptonshire

Lizzy will skipped ahead for the day, and joined the public walk from Amersham to Great Missenden. She only did a little bit of the walk, as she is covered in bruises. She went home for a rest, but went back out and walked from Greatworth to Brackley to shave a bit off Day 12.


Friday 10th SEPTEMBER 2010


Lizzy will be accompanied by fellow campaigners from the South Northamptonshire Action Group as she sets off from the Edgcote battle site at Trafford Bridge near Chipping Warden/Culworth. She will carry on to The Three Conies to arrive around 12, before going on to Thorpe Manderville. She will then stop, go and pick up her son from school and restart at Thorpe Manderville at 4pm before walking on to her 'homecoming' at The Inn, Greatworth at 6.30


Thursday 9th SEPTEMBER 2010

 Warwickshire & Northamptonshire

Lizzy will leave Warwickshire, setting off from Ladbroke at 10am and will soon be in Northamptonshire, where she will meet people at the Carpenters Arms in lower Boddington at around 12-1pm. She expects to be in Aston-le-Walls around 3pm, before dinishing the day at the battle of Edgecote site around 5.30pm.


Wednesday 8th SEPTEMBER 2010 


 Lizzy will start the day at the Timber Yard on the B4453 between North Cubbington Wood and South Cubbington Wood at 10am. She will proceed to cross the River Leam on her way to Offchurch. Personally, she will be looking forward more to crossing the Grand Union Canal, as she is descended from James Brindley, who built it. the other big milestone of the day will be that by the end of it, she will be on Map 19, meaning she has covered a third of the total distance. She will make it on to Bascote Heath and Southam, before ending the day at the final stop in Warwickshire, Ladbroke, where a local action group meeting is planned at the village hall.

Map 22

Map 21

Map 20

Map 19



Tuesday 7th SEPTEMBER 2010 


 Lizzy started the day at Park Farm in Stareton at 10am with a well attended photo shoot for the Leamington Courier and Buckingham Advertiser. Lizzy was bumped off BBC CWR this morning due to the news of about 1,000 police jobs going in the Coventry & Warwickshire area. Who needs police when you have a high speed rail link eh? Touch Radio however randg up Joe on spec, who just happened to be stood next to her at the time! After going to a training centre for birds of prey, Lizzy finished just before Cubbington, as her son Jack, who has severe allergies, was stung by a wasp. He is absolutely fine (it seems he isn't allergic to wasps), but of course neither Lizzy nor the school wanted to take any chances.

Map 22


Monday 6th SEPTEMBER 2010 


 Despite being strongly advised to take a rest day today, Lizzy pushed ahead with her walk, but decided on two 'light' days for days 6&7. However she satrted off by going back on herself, deciding that the southern end of the Kenilworth Greenway wasn't close enough to the route of HS2 and the with trees in the way, she didn't get a good enough view of what HS2 will destroy. She went on to one of the smallest surviving green belts in the country (between Kenilworth & Coventry), before making her way to Stoneleigh to see the 55 listed buildings the DfT missed off the published maps and ended at Stareton, a hamlet set to be destroyed by HS2.

Map 23

Map 22


Sunday 5th SEPTEMBER 2010 

West Midlands & Warwickshire 

 Lizzy started at the Toby Inn on Stonebridge Island (A45/A452 junction) just before 10, before getting to Diddington Lane for and interview for Midlands Today. She followed the itinery shown on the 'Public Walks' section of the website for the Kenilworth Greenway (walking from the North), going via the fisheries HS2 will be plonked on top of and seeing Lavender Hall, one of the few bulidings the HS2 plans admit will be destroyed. At Burton Green, there were hundreds of cyclists and walkers arrving throughout the day and an excellent bunch of Morris Dancers. She finsished by continuing along the Greenway to Kenilworth.

Map 25

Map 24

Map 23


Saturday 4th SEPTEMBER 2010 

 Warwickshire & West Midlands

 Day four started roundabout where day five, with Lizzy setting off a bit late for the and Joe having to pull into a lay-by at 7.30 when BBC CWR called so she could pretend she had started walking! She was naturally drawn to a gate which had horses on the other side. A foal then tried to eat her coat whilst live on radio. Lizzy and Joe got to Middleton just before 8, and made up for lost time in a big way. At Middleton they met a farmer who had done exactly what the last Government had said- diversify, converting the farmhouse to a B&B and letting out the other buildings to 13 small businesses. for his reward HS2 will go right through the lot. In keeping with the general rubbishness of the HS2 plans, his farm access road will have HS2 going over it at 1.7 metres, but there will be no new access, making it a bit tricky to get a tractor or combine in or out. He'd also got a wood which quite clearly was an ancient settlement, complete with moat, and you've guess it, that gets it too.

The lowlight of the day was going to Water Orton. Though of course the welcome received by residents was wonderful, it's clear that someone has got it in for this village. Since the M6 Toll was built, it has been surrounded on three sides by motorway, with a giant sewage works on the other side. When HS2 is built, the spur lines will completely enclose it.

Chelmsley Wood was a great example of the fact that HS2 doesn't just mess up the countryside, but the cities too. If you have ever gone along the M6, this is where the tower blocks are just north of Junction 4. At the end of the concrete jungle, there was a park. A really good park with football pitches, a skate ramp, basketball court and a full range of equipment, ranging from toddler stuff to a zip wire. It was well used, in perfect condition and clearly extremely important to that area. HS2 goes right through it.

 Whilst we're not sure how far was covered exactly, they finished at the Toby Inn on Stonebridge Island (A45/A452 junction) and the Sat Nav said it was 19.3 Km to go and pick up the car. The roads were a more direct route than the walk was. More details of Day will appear here on Sunday night or Monday.

Map 27

Map 26

Map 25


Friday 3rd SEPTEMBER 2010 

Staffordshire & Warwickshire

Day Three started in Hints at School Lane, with Lizzy just making her way into Warwickshire, a distance of about 2.5 miles in seven hours. She did say she wanted to talk to as many people as possible during the walk, but stopping off and helping make jam? It was just as well none of the press took us up on the 'She'll be crossing the M6 Toll at 5pm! The M6 Toll was an infrastructure project that, like HS2, was meant to bring about loads of benefits to business and the public. Unfortunately, like HS1, it has cost loads of money, hasn't met forecasts and is operating at a loss. When will they ever learn?

Map 28

Map 27


 Thursday 2nd SEPTEMBER 2010 


Lizzy is started off at Lichfield Trent Valley Station and ended the day in Hints.

Map 29

Map 28


 Wednesday 1st SEPTEMBER 2010  Staffordshire

Lizzy started a little late due to a certain radio station not understanding the statement "I really have to start driving now" sadly this meant missing some of the people who were waiting for her at Curborough Craft Centre at 12.00. The moral of the story is that if you want to meet up with Lizzy on the walk, ring her on 07842 164880 to check where she is!

Day one concluded at Lichfield Trent Valley train station

Map 30

Map 29

You can join a walk near you by looking at the "Public Events" page where we hope to list as many organised events as possible.

You could organise your own walk and email us at info@stophs2.org  and we will try to publish the details as soon as possible.

If you are a property owner affected you can allow access over your property at a time to suit you for walkers on the WALKHS2 walk the line weekend.

If you are a business owner you can help by sponsoring walkers.



Monday 6th SEPTEMBER 2010 


 Despite being strongly advised to take a rest day, Lizzy is pushing ahead with her walk, but is going to have a 'light' day today, starting at the end of the Kenilworth Greenway (it's only the ned of it because the powers that be have left the fences up on the bit linking to Kenwilorth Common, despite the bracken being cleared over a year ago) on Coventry Road, before heading on to Stoneleigh and Stareton, a hamlet which will be destroyed by HS2 next to the (former)

Rest Day


Sunday 26th September

 Buckinghamshire & Greater London

Lizzy will start off at Chalfont St Giles and should cross into Greater London and hopes to reach Uxbridge