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WALKHS2 2010
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WALKHS2 2010

Welcome to WALKHS2!

Lizzy Williams of the STOPHS2 campaign (see www.stophs2.org) started walking the proposed route of HS2 on 01 September reaching Euston on 29th September 2010. Lizzy then walked back up the the Birmingham spur completing the entire route on 03 October 2010; coinciding with the Conservative Party Conference.

For the latest of the STOPHS2 Campaign - please go to www.stophs2.org.


The September "Walk the Line Weekend" where communities affected were supported by Lizzy in organising their own short walks of the proposed route near them was on 10th,11th & 12th September. Thousands joined in along the line to

a) show their objection to the proposal and

b) see for themselves what the Country is being asked to sacrifice.

WALKSHS2 2011 coming soon. 

To see the maps of the proposed route of HS2 and action groups in your area, click here.